Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pedro Got What He Deserved

I did enjoy Pedro's performance last night.  He had a great curve ball but should have thrown it on almost every pitch.  He had nothing on his fastball.

He had Hideki Matsui 0 and 2 with two out and two on.  Why he threw him a fastball I will never know.  Matsui was so far out in front of his fastball.  He would never have hit the curve ball.

I don't buy what others have said; that Charlie Manuel should have pulled Pedro in favor of J.A. Happ to pitch to Matsui.  Pedro had him.  All he had to do was throw the curve ball.

What's next for Pedro.  At best, he'll play two months again for some team in desperate need of pitching down the stretch.  Two months is about all his aged body can take anymore.  More likely he will retire

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