Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jerry Mejia - It's Not Time To Give Up On Him

Another poor outing by one of our top prospects, Jerry Mejia.  Today in Arizona he pitched only 1.2 innings, gave up 4 runs on 4 hits while walking 2 and striking out 4.

He threw up to 99MPH.  Just give this guy time.  Don't trade him.  He just turned 20 in October

Two New Posts - "Mets Need Homeruns" and "We Want Pie Too"

I have two new articles that are posted on Mets Merized Online - "The Mets Do Need Home Runs",  and  "Hey AJ Burnett - We Want Pie Too"

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Carlos Beltran - A Keeper Or A Chip To Build On

Carlos Beltran has recently been the subject of purely speculative trade rumors.

It's too early to talk seriously about trades yet.  The World Series has yet to be played. There will likely be no moves until afterward.  Once the Series ends, there is then a 15 day period when a team has exclusive negotiating rights with its free agent players.  If he has not signed, at that time he is on the free market to be signed by any team.

Then the fun should begin.  Trades and free agent speculations and rumors will run wild.

There are good reasons to trade and not trade Carlos Beltran.  I think he will ultimately not be traded and remain the Mets starting center fielder.  He is one of the backbones of the team who was sorely missed during his time missed due to injury.

On the other hand, I think that the Mets could get a nice return for Beltran, which could help the Mets move toward a brighter future.  It may or may not make 2010 a semi rebuilding year, but I for one am for it.
Consider the scenario where the Mets could get back Jacoby Ellsbury, and two young Red Sox pitchers (don't expect Clay Bucholz) for Beltran.  If Beltran's salary were the only thing in the way of such a deal, I would even suggest picking up part of Beltran's salary to make the deal go down.

Signing Matt Holliday would essentially exchange Holliday for Beltran, and add Ellsbury and two pitchers.  I would love to see Ellsbury patrolling the vast area in center field.  He is potentially a gold glover for many years to come.  Reyes and Ellsbury (or Ellsbury and Reyes) would be so exciting reeking havoc on the base paths.

Other moves would be necessary to mold this team into a consistent winner.  I am not going to get into that now.  Suffice it to say that a more productive second baseman than Castillo, and a catcher who can hit home runs like Molina could make up for the loss of Beltran in the lineup.

Reyes and Ellsbury constantly on the base paths; Wright, Holliday, Murphy, and Francoeur driving them in.  DeRosa and Molina at the bottom of the order.  Doesn't sound too bad.  And rather cheaply done.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Must See YouTube Video

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PS: gets all the credit for this one.  So visit his site.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Who Is Steven Matz?

The Mets selected Steven Matz with their first pick of the 2009 amateur player draft.  Matz was a second round pick (72nd overall) as the Mets had relinquished their first round pick due to a previous year free agent signing.

Steven is a Long Island boy, who graduated this past June from Ward Mellville High School.  He's a 6'3" southpaw who throws in the low 90's.  In his senior year of high school, he pitched 44 innings, striking out 81 batters while only allowing 11 hits.

If Matz had decided not to enter pro ball, he would have attended Coastal Carolina University, a hot bed for young baseball talent.  He will now enter the Mets minor league system and hopefully quickly begin impressing the organization and fans alike.

Hey A.J. Burnett - We Want Pie Too!

I have a new article just posted on Metsmerized Online.  Please check it out.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pedro To Start Game 2 for Phillies - But There'll Be No Stopping The Yankees

Pedro Martinez has been announced as the starting pitcher for the Phillies in game 2 of the World Series. He will face A.J. Burnett at Yankee Stadium.  WOW! 

You know I'm no big fan of Pedro anymore, since he sold himself out to the Phillies for a shortened season.  I'm probably not being objective about him.  In my estimation, the Phillies better do some heavy hitting against A.J. Burnett.  Otherwise this is going to be a one-sided pitchers duel that could drop the Phillies into a 2-0 deficit in the Series.

On Thursday night the new Yankee Stadium will be hot inside regardless of the weather.  Pedro Martinez will be returning for the first time in 5 years, since leaving the  Red Sox.  Yankee fans will be all over Pedro.  He will be loudly booed and serenaded with "Who's your daddy". 

For the Phillies to win with Pedro on the mound and in every other game, they must figure out ways to hit Yankee starting pitching.  Sabathia and Pettitte have been sensational, and Burnett has been good.  Other than Cliff Lee, the Phillies don't have the studs on the mound to stop the Yankees heavy hitters.

My prediction - Yankees in 5.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Phox Phanatics

The Phox Phanatics are my family in Philadelphia.  They are, of course, so excited about the Phillies winning the National League Pennant.  I, despite being a huge Mets fan, have a soft spot in my heart for the Phillies, only because of them.

Lisa, is my sister.  She was born and raised in Long Island.  She married Steve, a Dr, who is a Yankee fan, so he doesn't count.  They moved to Philadelphia.  Lisa wasn't very athletic while growing up, and not a big sports fan. Now, she plays golf and tennis, and is a huge sports fan. She has been born again.  Her religion is now baseball, specifically the Phillies.. 

Elizabeth, is my niece.  She is 24 years old.  She now lives and works in D.C..  Her second biggest passion is running, typically 15 miles at a time.  Of course, her number one passion is the Phillies. She keeps her autographed Matt Stairs baseball, by her bed, in a zip lock bag.  It is her priceless possession.

Eric is my nephew.  He is 22 years old and a senior at G.W. University.  He's a great athlete, plays soccer, tennis, and golf.  He became a big Phillies fan in 1993 at the age of six when the Phillies made it to the World Series against the Blue Jays.  Pat Burrell used to be his favorite player.  His second favorite team is the Mets, because of me.

It's been hard for me these past few years to see my Mets falter so badly, while the Phillies have flourished, and now vie for their second straight World Championship.  It will be easier to root for them now, as long as they play the Yankees.

I need to remind them that things can turn around very quickly.  Of course, you always have an open invitation for a Mets/Phillies series at Citifield next year.  And beware, wear your Phillies gear at your own risk.


Abner Doubleday - What Was His Greatest Accomplishment

Abner  Doubleday, may or may not have been the inventor of baseball.  Many of the stories linking him to the invention of baseball are unsubstantiated, and considered by some to be myth.  But one thing is certain.  There is no fabrication when examining his military record as a Civil War hero.  Having graduated from West Point in around 1840, he rose through the ranks of the Union army, to become Major General Abner Doubleday.

Other accomplishments were starting the first cable car company in San Francisco, and authoring two books about the Civil War.  Two monuments at Gettysburg are dedicated to Doubleday.  He is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. 

Finally, it  should also be noted that his diaries never mention baseball.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Building The 2010 New York Mets

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8 Hours Of Incredible Baseball -Dodgers vs. Phillies

The Phillies jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the 1st inning, on another HR by Ryan Howard.  But one inning does not make a baseball game.  This game would not be decided until the last out in the 9th.  For the Phillies it was elation.  For the Dodgers it was heartbreak.

Give the Dodgers credit.  Remember, on Sunday night, the Dodgers got routed 11-0.  But trailing 2-0 early on Howard's HR, they fought back.  Four singles and a walk tied the score at 2 in the 4th inning.  Matt Kemp's HR in the 5th, gave them a 3-2 lead.  They extended the lead to 4-2 but the Phillies scored a run in the 6th.  From there, the bullpens took over and quite effectively.  Bellasario, Kuo, and Sherrill kept the Phillies off the board through the 8th as did Park, Madson, Eyre, and Lidge against the Dodgers.

The Phillies came to bat in the bottom of the 9th, trailing 4-3.  Jonathan  Broxton, the Dodgers flame thrower came in for the save.  Broxton consistently threw 99 MPH, but with one out he walked Matt  Stairs, and hit Carlos Ruiz.  After the second out, up came Jimmy Rollins.  On the third pitch of the at bat, on a 99 MPH fastball, Rollins smashed a drive to the right center field gap.  Both runners scored, and the Phillies celebrated their 3 -1 series lead.

8 Hours of Incredible Baseball - Yankees vs. Angels

Last night - that's Monday the 19th was a great night of baseball, starting at 4:07 PM and lasting until past  midnight.  There were two playoff games, both ending at 5-4 for the home teams, Angels and Phillies., on walk off doubles.

In the first game, the Angels, seemed headed for disaster.  With a loss, they would have fallen behind 0 - 3 in the series.  The Yankees got solo HR from Jeter, A-Rod, and Damon and led 3-0.  The Angels couldn't hit Pettitte, so there chances looked grim.  But they persevered and got a HR by Howie Kendrick and a dramatic, majestic HR by Vladimir Guerrero to tie the score at 3.

That's when things started to get interesting from a strategic point of view, and Joe Girardi made some confusing moves.  With one out, and the bases empty, in the 7th inning, he pulled Pettitte and brought in Joba Chamberlain.  Chamberlain got rocked, giving up a triple, long sacrifice fly, and a double; and of course the lead.  As usual, it didn't take the Yankees long to tie the game, which they did on Jorge Posada's HR in the 8th inning.

It looked like the Angels would win the game in the 10th.  They had 1st and 3rd, no out.  But the "Great Mariano" got three straight ground outs to Texeira at 1st base.  And the Yankees escaped, as the game went on.

The Angels won in the 11th when they scored a run with the help of Yankees manager Joe Girardi.  It's ironic that in game 2, the Yankees won on a physical error by Angels 2nd baseman, Maicer Izturis.  In last nights game, the error was a strategic, mental error by Girardi.  In the bottom of the 11th, with two out and no one on base, David Robertson, was inexplicably removed from the game, in favor of Alfredo Aceves.  Although, Aceves is a good pitcher, so is Robertson.  And Robertson easily retired the first two batters of the inning.  Plus, another right handed batter was coming up and Aceves, like Robertson, is right handed.  Lastly, it was the 11th inning and if the game had gone a few more innings, the Yankees would have run out of relief pitchers.  There seemed to be no advantage whatsoever, to rush Aceves into the game at that point.

Still, the odds were with Aceves.  He needed only one more out.  But he gave up a single to Kendrick, and a game winning, walk off double, to the weak hitting, Jeff Mathis.  Final score in 11 innings; Angels 5 - Yankees 4.  The Yankees lead the series 2 games to 1.

Next post in a few hours will cover the last 4 hours of last night's game - a dramatic win for the Phillies and a heartbreaking loss for the Dodgers.

Sports Talk Radio - Time For A Nap

Sports talk radio has gotten so boring in New York, that I rarely listen anymore.  Five minutes of Mike Francesca is too much.  Believe it or not, I'd rather listen to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. 

As history has recorded, July 1, 1987 marked the birth of WFAN and 24 hour sports talk radio.  At 3:00 PM on 1050 AM radio, Suzyn Waldman signed on and was the first voice heard.  Other "originals", included Greg Gumbel, Jim Lampley, Art Shamsky, Howie Rose, and Steve Somers.  Of course, sports talk radio has a much longer history than 1987.

I can remember as a 13 year old listening to WMCA (after it had changed from "The Good Guys -top 40 music). Jack Spector, Ed Baer, and John Sterling (yes, the Yankee broadcaster) had shows.  I remember calling in to Ed Baer, one Saturday afternoon, and talking about the Cazzie Russell/Dave Stallworth controversy as to who should start for Knicks.  After I made my witty and profound argument for Stallworth, I closed with "and the Jets and Giants in the Super Bowl this year".

All time great broadcasters, Bill Mazer (WHN) and Marty Glickman (WNEW), also had late night shows.  Remember Art Rust Jr. on WABC?  When he talked about the Yankees, he would preface his remarks by saying "In the big ball yard in the Bronx".  Rust Jr., a black man born in Harlem, also was an accomplished author.  His first book, published in 1976, controversially titled "Get That Nigger Off The Field", explored the rocky beginnings of blacks in baseball.

Many of the people named above, whom younger fans have never heard of, were icons in the sports media world back in the 1960's and 70's. Now it's all about Mike Francescha, and Joe Benigno, and their unbearable, repetitive rants.  It's bad enough to listen to three hours of Benigno and Roberts in the morning, but to follow that up with five hours of Mike Francescha is downright exhausting.  

The only person I can listen too is Steve Somers, aka the Schmoozer.  When he is on the air, during a rain delay, or following a Mets game, it is a pleasure, and so entertaining to hear his long monologue about the "Metropolitans".  He has longer conversations with the callers than anyone else, mostly because there are personal stories behind the drudgery of the same news being repeated.  And Somers, has a subtle sarcasm, that if you understand it, makes it hilarious.

Here is my suggestion to WFAN.  Clean house.  Fire virtually everyone except for Steve Somers and a few others (like the traffic girl).  Find some new, fresh voices.  Be more creative and innovative, like bringing in different fans for a daily show.  Run a trial for the overnight show, and if it works, implement it during the 10 AM show.

Please; I'm already tired of Limbaugh and Hannity.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

World Series Preview: Phillies vs. Yankees

By the end of the week, the World Series match up will be set.  Is there any doubt that it will be the Phillies vs. the Yankees?  It could make for a great, close and exciting series.  Not so much for Mets fans.

Who will Mets fans root for?

I will root for the Phillies, the lesser of two evils.  To me, the Yankees are the bigger evil.  Having to live among Yankee fans makes it much more difficult. I  don't like their smug attitude.  Anyway, I have a large Philly Fanatic family, and that makes my choice easier.

Now, I'll take an objective look at the series. 

The Yankees are playing great.  They haven't been hitting that much, but they've been clutch, especially late in games.  A-Rod has been the best of them all.  Their pitching has been even better.  Sabathia,  Burnett, and Pettitte are pitching well and deep into games.  Their bullpen is loaded.  Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes, and Mariano Rivera are an outstanding trio.  And Alfredo Aceves and David Robertson have been great.  In the World Series, when playing in the National League Park, the Yankees will have to pinch hit earlier and more often, for their pitchers:  thus, such a deep bullpen will be a great advantage.

The Phillies will be severe underdogs.  Other than their line up, they aren't nearly as deep as the Yankees.  They do have a great line up - Rollins, Victorino, Utley, Howard, Werth, Ibanez, Feliz, and Ruiz.  There is not a weak spot.  The catcher, Carlos Ruiz, in the 8th spot has been one of their hottest hitters.

Can the Phillies pitching keep pace with the Yankees?  That is a big question.  Their starters are Cole Hamels, Cliff Lee, Pedro Martinez, and Joe Blanton.  Even if they can keep pace, their relievers can not.  The Phillies bullpen is a mess right now.  Ryan Madson in the 8th inning, and Brad Lidge in the 9th inning can not and will not close the door on the Yankees.

It's amazing how quickly another baseball season will be ending.  The good news is that a seven game series will last until November 5th.  After that it will be only 102 days until pitchers and catchers report for the 2010 baseball season.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

What Went Wrong With The Mets Bullpen

Click here to read my article on Mets Merized Online.

I'll be away this weekend seeing my family in D.C.  Among those present, will be my Philly family too.  Thank god that there not up 2-0.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Phillies and Dodgers Tied at 1

The Dodgers won 2-1 Friday afternoon, to tie their series up against the Phillies, 1 to 1.  The Dodgers came from behind, scoring 2 runs in the 8th inning, off of five Phillies relievers.  Chet Utley, made the key error on an easy double play ball, that led to the two runs.

Pedro Martinez pitched seven shutout innings, yielding just two hits.  Not bad.  Mets fans can't be happy about that.  Remember, that Pedro has pitched so little this year, that he hasn't been subject to the daily wear and tear of a long season that often leads to injuries. 

Andre Ethier walked with the bases loaded to score Russell Martin with the winning run.

The Phillies outscored the Dodgers 8-6 on Thursday night.  The forecast was for a pitchers duel, but a HR hitting contest broke out in the 5th inning.  Carlos Ruiz and Raul Ibanez each hit 3 run HR for the Phillies.  James Loney and Manny Ramirez homered for the Dodgers.  Neither starting pitcher, Cole Hamels nor Clayton Kershaw survived past the 5th inning.

Saturday is an off day.  The series continues in Philadelphia for three games on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday.
Check out my  two new articles.

"Sizing Up the Mets Minor League Prospects", on Mets Merized Online

"Patience:  Not A Mets Fan's Virtue" on The Daily Stache.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's Cold Outside - We Need a Hot Stove Blockbuster

OK impatient Mets fans.  What do think of this?  We're taking on salary and getting two potentially "great" players for 4 prospects. 

Houston trades left fielder Carlos Lee and pitcher Roy Oswalt to the Mets for Oliver Perez , minor leaguers Brad Holt, Scott Moviel, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, and Ruben Tejada.

Let's analyze this trade.
  • The Astros are looking to cut payroll.
  • Carlos Lee is due approximately $36 million over the next two years (btw - Lee does have a no trade clause).  He will start next season as a 33 year old.  He hit .300 with an OBP of .343. He hit 26 HR and 102 RBI and is a below average left fielder.  Alternatively, you could try signing Matt Holliday for approximately $18M/year for 5+ years.
  • Roy Oswalt is due approximately $33 million over the next two years.  He will start next year as a 32 year old who had an off year with 30 starts but only 8-6 with a 4.12 ERA (3 complete games).  In '08, he had 32 starts and was 17-10 with a 3.54 ERA.
  • The Mets would be taking on $34.5M in each of '10 and '11.
  • Trading Perez would send back $12 million for each of two years.
  • The net result is +$22.5M/year in salaries to the Mets and -$22.5M/year in salaries to the Astros.  
  • Holt,  Moviel, Nieuwenhuis, and Tejada; good to mid-level prospects give the Astros value for their stars but more importantly the Astros shed $22.5M in salaries.
  • The Mets accomplish their objective of adding a power hitting left fielder and a reliable #2/#3 starting pitcher.
  • No long term killer contracts for Lee and Oswalt - 2 years each.
Certainly different players could be substituted for the ones I'm suggesting.  I'm no expert in evaluating talent for trades, especially in conjunction with how important salary reductions are to a team.

What do you think?  Are we giving up too much?  or not enough.  Or am I way off.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Todd Helton For Oliver Perez - Take a Look

Todd Helton will turn 37 during the 2010 season.
He is due $16.6M in 2010, 19.1M in 2011,  plus a 4.6M buyout in 2012.
TOTAL DUE IS $40.3M over 2 years
Oliver Perez is due $12M for 2010 and 2011 totaling $24M over the 2 years period.

Extra cost to Mets is $16.3M over 2 years ($8.15M per year).

In 2009, Helton hit .325 , OBP- .416, OPS - .904, 15 HR and 86 RBI.

I feel that Oliver Perez will not make the starting rotation next year.  So basically with the salary exchange, we'd be paying $8.15M next year for a 1st baseman.  The question is does Helton have enough left in the tank to help the Mets.

Would the Mets/Rockies be interested in structuring some kind of deal around these players?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Learn About the Mets Minor League Prospects

After such a disappointing 2009 season, it's already time to start focusing on 2010.  The trade and free agent markets will be heating up by the middle of November.  Until then, we can look to the Mets minor leaguers who could start making an impact in the next few years.  You have to be patient with these players.  But the Mets have a tendency to include them in trades for big name (hopefully not past their prime) stars. 

Click on the link to get a great education on what the Mets have down on the farm.  Let's hope that a few of them can make an impact in the next few years.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

The M52 Yankees - The Only Yankee Team I Will Ever Root For

Who are the M52 Yankees?  You will not see articles or highlights of them on Sports Center, or in the newspapers.  They are a group of 50+ year old men, who endure pulled muscles, sore arms and achy bodies.  There goal is to relive their youths by playing the game they love - baseball; where at their age, it seems like a mile from home plate to first base.
Most of you would not know that there is an organization called the Long Island Midweek Baseball League which has hardball leagues with games played throughout Long Island.  The M52's are in the midst of the Fall league season right now.  At the end of October, this team will be traveling to Arizona for the MSBL (Men's Senior Baseball League) World Series and in November to Florida for a four day tournament.

Mitch Angelier is the player/manager of this team.  He is a baseball guru; a former minor league pitcher in the Tiger's organization who played AA ball with Jim Leyland.  Drew Lanzetta is a great pitcher with a fastball, curve and knuckle change.  He is a 5 tool player.  Bernie Ellison is the 2nd baseman, lead off hitter and leads the team in OBP, and steals..  Pete Faulisi plays center field, catcher and pitcher: and has a great arm.   He's a southpaw, so a bit eccentric.  Angelo Luparello is a righty, and unique in his own way.  He is a pitcher with a nasty sinker and hits for power.

I played ball with them all summer on a different team, but am not making this road trip with them.   I need to work on my swing and rehabilitate my right shoulder.  Hopefully, by next summer I'll have a starting spot in the lineup.  And next Fall be on my way to Arizona and Florida.


Losing 19 in a Row - At Least it Wasn't the Mets

Nationals Fan Attends 19 Games, Team Loses 19 Times By Ryan Wilson

I can't imagine what Stephen Krupin did to anger the baseball gods, but the Washington Nationals season-ticket holder somehow managed to have a worse year than the 103-loss Nats.

Krupin brought himself to sit through 19 home games, and on 19 occasions he left Nationals Park a loser. Yep, he was oh-for-2009. The poor guy documented his travails
"I figured that even with the worst team in the bigs, this 0-19 record couldn't have been an easy task. So I asked my cousin--a Ph.D. who works as an economist at the Department of Labor and moonlights as a statistics analyst/columnist on and Baseball Prospectus--to crunch some numbers. He and his mathematician friends figured out that the odds of my going 0-19 this year at Nats Park were 1 in 131,204."
Somehow, the news gets more depressing. After consulting his tabulating machine, the labor economist cousin informs Krupin that, "It's gonna be a long time before you break back to .500. I'm wondering if you were the fan in baseball with the worst record of anybody in games attended. If it's 1 in 130,000, and each team gets a couple million fans on average, you might be the only one who attended at least 19 games and failed to see a win."

Saturday, October 10, 2009

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These types of articles will, in most cases, not be on DannyBaseball.  But I will link you to them when they appear.  For those of you new to DannyBaseball, here are the links to all the articles.

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October 3rd  "Did Brad Lidge Sell His Soul"

September 30th "Citifield 2009: " The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"

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Check out My New Article

Check out my new article on The Daily Stache entitled "Would You Make This Trade?"
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Friday, October 9, 2009

Who Will Beat the Yankees?

Written Friday Night During the Yankees/Twins - Game 2

There's no way that the Minnesota Twins will defeat the Yankees in the Division Series.  The Yankees lead 1 game to none, and in the 6th inning of game two, it is scoreless.  The Yankees pitching is on fire.  Sabatthia was A#1 in game one.  Burnett looks tough in game two.  The Yankees will hit against the Twins.  My prediction is the Yankees win the series in a 3-0 sweep.

Wow! Shocking news as we speak.  The Twins just scored a run in the 6th and lead 1-0.  One out in the bottom of the 6th.

I predict that by the 7th, the Yankees come back and it is at least tied.  That's what the Yankees do best.  I do think they are the best team this year.  But the best team doesn't always win.

Jeter on 2nd, one out.

After disposing of the Twins, up next will be either the Red Sox or the Angels. The Angels are always tough on the Yankees.  They've always beaten them in the regular season and the playoffs.  Or how about another Red Sox vs. Yankees rematch.  This year's season series tells you that the Yankees are the better team.  After the Red Sox won the first eight games in a row this year, the Yankees responded with six straight wins.  The Yankees won the last two games and the season series ended 9-8 Red Sox.

The Angels have good pitching, good defense and good hitting.  They run the bases with abandon.  The Yankees are better man for man, but the Angels know how to win.

My money is on the Yankees to beat either team.  I really think the Yankees would manhandle the Red Sox.  The Yankees will hit and pitch better.  And will steal at will off of Victor Martinez or Jason Varitek.  The Angels will be a tough opponent but I think finally this year the Yankees will beat the Angels - in 6 games.

Extra!  Extra! - Damon Walks, Texeira pops out.  The Yankees have 1st and 2nd two out.  A guy by the name of Alex  Rodriguez is up.  Ball one.

That puts the Yankees in the World Series for the first time since 2001.

Damn.  There goes the lead.  A-Rod singles in Jeter.  Score tied at 1.

Can one of the Phillies, Rockies, Dodgers or Cardinals beat the Yankees in the World Series?  Possibly.  The Cardinals trail the Dodger - 2 games to 0, so let's assume the Dodgers advance to the NLCS.  The Rockies have broken through the Phillies home field advantage, and now go back to Denver tied 1-1.

Twins out in the 7th.  Seventh inning stretch with the Yankees coming up.

The Rockies are now the favorites to advance.  Hamel  vs. Pedro in game three.  My money is on the Rockies.  Pedro has pitched  in only 9 games this year for 44 innings.  In mile high Coors Field, I think he'll get hit.  Series prediction - Rockies in four games.

The Dodgers vs. Rockies has the makings of a great series.  The Rockies are a hot, tough team with much better pitching than in years past.  The Dodgers were not at their best since the All-Star break.  Manny hasn't been Manny; that hurts. I don't think the Dodgers have enough offense to stay with the Rockies.  My prediction - the Rockies in five games.

Too bad.  The Dodgers - Yankees would be a ratings bonanza.  Joe Torre against his former team.

Swisher retired for the first out in the 7th inning.  Cano flies out hard to right field - 2 outs.

So it's the Rockies vs. the Yankees in the World Series.  Damn, another AL All-Star game victory gives the Yankees home field advantage.

Melky flies out to left field - three outs.  Tied 1-1, going to the 8th.

The Rockies are one tough team.  But can they win a game six or seven in New York?  It probably will come down to that.  Can their relief pitching stop the Yankees late in games.  Will A-Rod hit?  He's hit in the first two games vs. the Twins.  How will Yankee pitching fair in the thin Denver air?  The Yankees seem to have a triple headed monster at the end of games - Joba in the 7th, Hughes in the 8th, and Rivera in the 9th.

Hughes retires the first two batters in the 8th inning.

There are so many other intangibles that go into each game.  You can't predict who will get the breaks

Carlos Gomez, former Mets great walks.  Brendan Harris singles.  1st and 3rd, two outs.  Punto singles in Gomez, 2-1 Twins.

Can anyone beat the Yankees in 2009?  It hurts me to say no.  Yankees in six.

Update at 10:30 PM - Unfortunately I was right.  Yankees win 4-3.  Joe Nathan blows it in the 9th on a 2 run HR to A-Rod.  Twins blow a bases loaded nobody out chance in the 11th.  Texeira hits first pitch for home run in bottom of 11th.

Pedro to Start Game 3 for Phillies

The Phillies have announced that Pedro Martinez (former Mets great), will start game 3 of the division series on Saturday night in Colorado against the Rockies.

That is a puzzling decision on the part of the Phillies:
  • J.A Happ although a rookie, posted a 12-4 record with a 2.93 ERA.
  • Joe Blanton was 12-8 with a 4.05 ERA.
  • Pedro was 5-1 with a 3.63 ERA but only pitched 44 innings in 9 starts all year.  He missed a start due to a strained neck.  You never know, but I don't like his chances in Coors Field in Denver.
This is a real snub, especially to the veteran Joe Blanton, who pitched 195 innings in 31 starts.


Must Read Interview With Adam Rubin (from the Daily News)

Every Mets fan should take a look at this interview that the website "Kiners Korner" had with Adam Rubin (the Mets beat reporter for the Daily News).

Click on this link below to read the entire interview!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Real Dirty Mets Blog Has an Article You Should Read

Click on the link below.  It's a good read from "The Real  Dirty Mets Blog"


Projected Type A Free Agents

Check out Tim Dierkes's post on MLB Trade Rumors on the projected 2010 type A free agents.
For those of you novices, all free agents are rated by the Elias Sports Bureau.  They are divided into type A and type B (the type A's are the better ones).


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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Twins beat Tigers to Win AL Central; Yankees Next

In a 12 inning thriller, the Twins beat the Tigers 6-5 in the one game playoff to determine the AL Central Division winner.  Carlos Gomez (former Met great), singled and scored the winning run.  The Twins had trailed early, but a 2 run HR by Orlando Cabrera put the Twins ahead 4-3.  Magglio Ordonez homered for the Tigers in the 8th inning to tie the score at 4.  The Tigers scored a run in the 10th but the Twins responded and tied the game off Fernando Rodney.  Rodney the Tigers closer, stayed in the game, pitching a scoreless 11th inning.  But in the 12th he allowed Gomez's lead off single, a ground out moving Gomez to second base, and finally a walk off single to Alexi  Casilla.

Next up for the Twins are the New York Yankees beginning tomorrow in the Bronx.  Game 1 begins at 6:07 PM and can be seen on TBS.  CC Sabbathia starts for Yankees.  The Twins have not yet announced their starting pitcher.

NL Playoff Preview: Rockies vs. Phillies

Game 1 @ Phillies                          
Wednesday @ 2:37 PM                   
Ubaldo Jimenez vs. Cliff Lee

Game 2 @ Phillies
Thursday @ 2:37 PM
Aaron Cook vs. Cole Hamels

Game 3 @ Rockies
Saturday @ 9:37 PM  
Pitchers: TBD

This series is tough to call.  Both the Phillies and Rockies hit and pitch well.  You just don't know whose pitching will stop their opponents hitting better than the other.  The Phillies have more home run power.  Both ballparks are hitters parks so there might be quite a few runs scored.  Starting pitching is dead even so it may come down to the bullpens.  Rockies closer Huston Street was outstanding during the season with a 4-1 record, 3.06 ERA and 35 of 37 saves.  On the other hand Phillies closer Brad Lidge has been awful with 11 blown saves and an ERA over 7.

The teams faced each other in the 2007 NLDS.  The Phillies had won the NL East and the Rockies were the wild card winner.  The Rockies quickly swept the Phillies in 3 games.

Pick:  Rockies in 5

Monday, October 5, 2009

Minaya and Manuel Staying With Mets

It looks like GM Omar Minaya and Manager Jerry Manuel will be staying with the Mets to start the 2010 season.  Jeff Wilpon stated in a press conference today that although this season was very disappointing, both Minaya and Manuel deserve another chance.

Who knows what the answer really is.  Both men are under contract for next year and for Minaya two years beyond.  What a waste of money to fire them both now.  Figure, if by Memorial Day 2010, if things haven't improved, they will both be out.

Wilpon also stated that the Mets will maintain one of the highest payrolls in baseball.

I say get a left fielder and a pitcher.  But please, give Daniel Murphy the first base job next year.  It was a very trying year for Daniel.  He failed in left field, then moved to 1st base where he had never played before.  How could his hitting not have been affected by the situation in the field. And don't forget - he was just 24 and in his first full major league season.  Despite these issues, he hit .266 with 12 home runs and 60 runs scored and 63 RBI.  There is no reason to think that Murphy won't improve next year in all areas including defensively at 1st base.

Other than the core of Beltran, Reyes and Santana needing to stay healthy, David Wright has to prove himself again.  Could it have just been an off year for Wright.  Or are his skills already in decline.

More later on and all winter long.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Friday, October 2, 2009

Mets 7 - Astros 1

This is the type of game we wanted to see more of this year - great pitching, great hitting, solid defense.  John Maine pitched 7 innings giving up just one run and 5 hits, and striking out 7.  Don't you wish spring training was starting next week.

Jeff Francoeur and Daniel Murphy each hit 2 run home runs.

In other games, the Yankees are getting bombed by the Tampa  Rays. It's 13 - 3 going to the 9th inning.  CC Sabbathia was awful (Yankee fans are in a panic).  In 2.2 innings he gave up 9 runs, 8 hits, and 5 walks. 

I may have spoken too soon yesterday when i said the playoff match ups were set.  In the AL Central the Tigers went into today 2 games ahead of the Twins with three games left to play.  Tonight the Tigers lost and the Twins are about to win.  The Tigers lead will likely be down to one game with just two to play.

In the Phillies 7 - 2 loss to the Marlins, Ryan Howard hit his 44th home run.
Jake Peavy pitched eight shutout innings, giving up just 2 hits.
The National won their 5th game in a row 6 - 3 over the Braves.
Adam Wainwright will not win his 20th game of the year tonight.  He pitched 6 innings and left the game   leading 6-3.  But the bullpen proceeded to give 5 more runs and blow the game for Wainwright.

More tomorrow, or if not Sunday.


Should the Mets Rehire Bobby V.??

Interesting article by Matt Cerrone from Mets Blog. 

He is in favor of the Mets hiring Bobby Valentine to manage the Mets next year.  Bobby V. managed the Mets from 1996 through 2002.  He led them to two successive playoff appearances in 1999 and 2000, including the subway series appearance against the Yankees in 2000.

By 2002,  Bobby had warn out his welcome in New York as the Mets finished last in the NL East with a 75-86 record.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jose Reyes to be OK for Next Season

Mets fans will be happy to hear this.  As long as you can believe it.  Andrew Marchand of ESPN.COM reports that Jose's injury is not as serious as everyone is speculating.  Click below for the full article.


The Playoffs Are Set

NLDS - best of 5
Philadelphia Phillies vs. Colorado Rockies
St. Louis Cardinals vs. LA Dodger

New York Yankees vs. Detroit Tigers
LA Angels vs.  Boston Red Sox

The playoffs will begin on Wednesday October 7th.  That means there will be no baseball games on Monday and Tuesday of that week.


Mets Announce Lower Ticket Prices for 2010

WOW!! check it out .  The Mets have announced that next year's season ticket prices will decrease by an average of 10%.  Prices on certain seats will fall by 20%.

Good decision.  We all felt we were being price gouged this year.  But you know as soon as the economy improves and the Mets improve, ticket prices will be back on the rise.


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My columns will appear exclusively on  The Daily Stache.  Lots of my other stuff will be posted to on a regular basis.

Who knows where this will lead?  Some people have told me to "get a life".  At age 54, it's time to start living out my fantasies - playing baseball and writing on baseball.  There may be a radio gig coming soon.

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