Saturday, October 10, 2009

Check Out All My Articles

I now have 5 articles posted on The Daily Stache
I've also been picked up by another blog website called Metzmerized Online.
Not to shabby.

These types of articles will, in most cases, not be on DannyBaseball.  But I will link you to them when they appear.  For those of you new to DannyBaseball, here are the links to all the articles.

October 10th  "Can Anyone Beat the Yankees?

October 9th  "Would You Make This Trade?"

October 7th  "Say No to the Yankees"

October 3rd  "Did Brad Lidge Sell His Soul"

September 30th "Citifield 2009: " The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"

Enjoy.  And post your comments.



  1. you have got to be kidding me. why are you so down on the yankees? what did they ever do to you? i cant believe you did not even mention my beloved wonton hidekis exploits. if hideki=clutch and hideki is asian then i guess a-rod is playing asian. b.t.dub-your stache and metzmer... articles are the pits. you think you are so cool when you intersperse your pathetic play by play. we, your minyans, are watching the game on our tvs. the last thing we need is more drivel. have you gotten any positive feedback? if so, please forward it to me so i can mock it! i resent your anti asian bias. i refuse to continue reading your blog or articles - at least until hot stove.

  2. careful,sm,whoever you are. i might start censuring your comments