Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pedro To Start Game 2 for Phillies - But There'll Be No Stopping The Yankees

Pedro Martinez has been announced as the starting pitcher for the Phillies in game 2 of the World Series. He will face A.J. Burnett at Yankee Stadium.  WOW! 

You know I'm no big fan of Pedro anymore, since he sold himself out to the Phillies for a shortened season.  I'm probably not being objective about him.  In my estimation, the Phillies better do some heavy hitting against A.J. Burnett.  Otherwise this is going to be a one-sided pitchers duel that could drop the Phillies into a 2-0 deficit in the Series.

On Thursday night the new Yankee Stadium will be hot inside regardless of the weather.  Pedro Martinez will be returning for the first time in 5 years, since leaving the  Red Sox.  Yankee fans will be all over Pedro.  He will be loudly booed and serenaded with "Who's your daddy". 

For the Phillies to win with Pedro on the mound and in every other game, they must figure out ways to hit Yankee starting pitching.  Sabathia and Pettitte have been sensational, and Burnett has been good.  Other than Cliff Lee, the Phillies don't have the studs on the mound to stop the Yankees heavy hitters.

My prediction - Yankees in 5.


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  1. Two comments after games one and two and the series moves to Philadelphia...
    1. How is the MLB so far behind the rest of hte sports world in instant replay? They finally instituted a replay system for home run/not home run but what about the rest of the game? Fair or foul? Safe or out? Catch or no catch? These decisions rely on non-arbitrary factors that could be determined via replay. We saw two blown calls last night that absolutely played a role in the game. Ryan Howard's catch that led to an inning ending double play getting the Phils out of a jam and Chase Utley being called out at first to end a scoring threat for the Phils. Everyone talking about Charlie Manuel's decisions last night must realize that not sending the runners was absolutely the correct call. Utley strikes out a lot and he can run, as he showed by beating the play out. Unfortunately the Ump blew the call. We have the ability to use a challenge system quickly and effectively as to not extend these already long games (see tennis as example). What is holding the MLB back, or will it take a blown call that ruins a world series before anything changes?
    2. Unless Cliff Lee himself said he wouldn't be able to pitch game 4, he should be pitching. Joe Blanton had a great regular season. I love him on a humid, July night in an empty stadium in Miami against a bunch of future talent that the Marlins will eventually trade away, but this is the World Series! A game four matchup between Blanton and Sabathia immediately puts immense pressure on the Phillies offense. This Phillies offense being the one that scored one run last night, and only because a 41 year old Canadian's ground ball went through the legs of one of the best players ever to play the game. Explain this decision to me Danny???