Friday, October 9, 2009

Who Will Beat the Yankees?

Written Friday Night During the Yankees/Twins - Game 2

There's no way that the Minnesota Twins will defeat the Yankees in the Division Series.  The Yankees lead 1 game to none, and in the 6th inning of game two, it is scoreless.  The Yankees pitching is on fire.  Sabatthia was A#1 in game one.  Burnett looks tough in game two.  The Yankees will hit against the Twins.  My prediction is the Yankees win the series in a 3-0 sweep.

Wow! Shocking news as we speak.  The Twins just scored a run in the 6th and lead 1-0.  One out in the bottom of the 6th.

I predict that by the 7th, the Yankees come back and it is at least tied.  That's what the Yankees do best.  I do think they are the best team this year.  But the best team doesn't always win.

Jeter on 2nd, one out.

After disposing of the Twins, up next will be either the Red Sox or the Angels. The Angels are always tough on the Yankees.  They've always beaten them in the regular season and the playoffs.  Or how about another Red Sox vs. Yankees rematch.  This year's season series tells you that the Yankees are the better team.  After the Red Sox won the first eight games in a row this year, the Yankees responded with six straight wins.  The Yankees won the last two games and the season series ended 9-8 Red Sox.

The Angels have good pitching, good defense and good hitting.  They run the bases with abandon.  The Yankees are better man for man, but the Angels know how to win.

My money is on the Yankees to beat either team.  I really think the Yankees would manhandle the Red Sox.  The Yankees will hit and pitch better.  And will steal at will off of Victor Martinez or Jason Varitek.  The Angels will be a tough opponent but I think finally this year the Yankees will beat the Angels - in 6 games.

Extra!  Extra! - Damon Walks, Texeira pops out.  The Yankees have 1st and 2nd two out.  A guy by the name of Alex  Rodriguez is up.  Ball one.

That puts the Yankees in the World Series for the first time since 2001.

Damn.  There goes the lead.  A-Rod singles in Jeter.  Score tied at 1.

Can one of the Phillies, Rockies, Dodgers or Cardinals beat the Yankees in the World Series?  Possibly.  The Cardinals trail the Dodger - 2 games to 0, so let's assume the Dodgers advance to the NLCS.  The Rockies have broken through the Phillies home field advantage, and now go back to Denver tied 1-1.

Twins out in the 7th.  Seventh inning stretch with the Yankees coming up.

The Rockies are now the favorites to advance.  Hamel  vs. Pedro in game three.  My money is on the Rockies.  Pedro has pitched  in only 9 games this year for 44 innings.  In mile high Coors Field, I think he'll get hit.  Series prediction - Rockies in four games.

The Dodgers vs. Rockies has the makings of a great series.  The Rockies are a hot, tough team with much better pitching than in years past.  The Dodgers were not at their best since the All-Star break.  Manny hasn't been Manny; that hurts. I don't think the Dodgers have enough offense to stay with the Rockies.  My prediction - the Rockies in five games.

Too bad.  The Dodgers - Yankees would be a ratings bonanza.  Joe Torre against his former team.

Swisher retired for the first out in the 7th inning.  Cano flies out hard to right field - 2 outs.

So it's the Rockies vs. the Yankees in the World Series.  Damn, another AL All-Star game victory gives the Yankees home field advantage.

Melky flies out to left field - three outs.  Tied 1-1, going to the 8th.

The Rockies are one tough team.  But can they win a game six or seven in New York?  It probably will come down to that.  Can their relief pitching stop the Yankees late in games.  Will A-Rod hit?  He's hit in the first two games vs. the Twins.  How will Yankee pitching fair in the thin Denver air?  The Yankees seem to have a triple headed monster at the end of games - Joba in the 7th, Hughes in the 8th, and Rivera in the 9th.

Hughes retires the first two batters in the 8th inning.

There are so many other intangibles that go into each game.  You can't predict who will get the breaks

Carlos Gomez, former Mets great walks.  Brendan Harris singles.  1st and 3rd, two outs.  Punto singles in Gomez, 2-1 Twins.

Can anyone beat the Yankees in 2009?  It hurts me to say no.  Yankees in six.

Update at 10:30 PM - Unfortunately I was right.  Yankees win 4-3.  Joe Nathan blows it in the 9th on a 2 run HR to A-Rod.  Twins blow a bases loaded nobody out chance in the 11th.  Texeira hits first pitch for home run in bottom of 11th.

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