Saturday, October 31, 2009

Carlos Beltran - A Keeper Or A Chip To Build On

Carlos Beltran has recently been the subject of purely speculative trade rumors.

It's too early to talk seriously about trades yet.  The World Series has yet to be played. There will likely be no moves until afterward.  Once the Series ends, there is then a 15 day period when a team has exclusive negotiating rights with its free agent players.  If he has not signed, at that time he is on the free market to be signed by any team.

Then the fun should begin.  Trades and free agent speculations and rumors will run wild.

There are good reasons to trade and not trade Carlos Beltran.  I think he will ultimately not be traded and remain the Mets starting center fielder.  He is one of the backbones of the team who was sorely missed during his time missed due to injury.

On the other hand, I think that the Mets could get a nice return for Beltran, which could help the Mets move toward a brighter future.  It may or may not make 2010 a semi rebuilding year, but I for one am for it.
Consider the scenario where the Mets could get back Jacoby Ellsbury, and two young Red Sox pitchers (don't expect Clay Bucholz) for Beltran.  If Beltran's salary were the only thing in the way of such a deal, I would even suggest picking up part of Beltran's salary to make the deal go down.

Signing Matt Holliday would essentially exchange Holliday for Beltran, and add Ellsbury and two pitchers.  I would love to see Ellsbury patrolling the vast area in center field.  He is potentially a gold glover for many years to come.  Reyes and Ellsbury (or Ellsbury and Reyes) would be so exciting reeking havoc on the base paths.

Other moves would be necessary to mold this team into a consistent winner.  I am not going to get into that now.  Suffice it to say that a more productive second baseman than Castillo, and a catcher who can hit home runs like Molina could make up for the loss of Beltran in the lineup.

Reyes and Ellsbury constantly on the base paths; Wright, Holliday, Murphy, and Francoeur driving them in.  DeRosa and Molina at the bottom of the order.  Doesn't sound too bad.  And rather cheaply done.

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