Sunday, October 11, 2009

Losing 19 in a Row - At Least it Wasn't the Mets

Nationals Fan Attends 19 Games, Team Loses 19 Times By Ryan Wilson

I can't imagine what Stephen Krupin did to anger the baseball gods, but the Washington Nationals season-ticket holder somehow managed to have a worse year than the 103-loss Nats.

Krupin brought himself to sit through 19 home games, and on 19 occasions he left Nationals Park a loser. Yep, he was oh-for-2009. The poor guy documented his travails
"I figured that even with the worst team in the bigs, this 0-19 record couldn't have been an easy task. So I asked my cousin--a Ph.D. who works as an economist at the Department of Labor and moonlights as a statistics analyst/columnist on and Baseball Prospectus--to crunch some numbers. He and his mathematician friends figured out that the odds of my going 0-19 this year at Nats Park were 1 in 131,204."
Somehow, the news gets more depressing. After consulting his tabulating machine, the labor economist cousin informs Krupin that, "It's gonna be a long time before you break back to .500. I'm wondering if you were the fan in baseball with the worst record of anybody in games attended. If it's 1 in 130,000, and each team gets a couple million fans on average, you might be the only one who attended at least 19 games and failed to see a win."

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