Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Abner Doubleday - What Was His Greatest Accomplishment

Abner  Doubleday, may or may not have been the inventor of baseball.  Many of the stories linking him to the invention of baseball are unsubstantiated, and considered by some to be myth.  But one thing is certain.  There is no fabrication when examining his military record as a Civil War hero.  Having graduated from West Point in around 1840, he rose through the ranks of the Union army, to become Major General Abner Doubleday.

Other accomplishments were starting the first cable car company in San Francisco, and authoring two books about the Civil War.  Two monuments at Gettysburg are dedicated to Doubleday.  He is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. 

Finally, it  should also be noted that his diaries never mention baseball.

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