Sunday, October 11, 2009

The M52 Yankees - The Only Yankee Team I Will Ever Root For

Who are the M52 Yankees?  You will not see articles or highlights of them on Sports Center, or in the newspapers.  They are a group of 50+ year old men, who endure pulled muscles, sore arms and achy bodies.  There goal is to relive their youths by playing the game they love - baseball; where at their age, it seems like a mile from home plate to first base.
Most of you would not know that there is an organization called the Long Island Midweek Baseball League which has hardball leagues with games played throughout Long Island.  The M52's are in the midst of the Fall league season right now.  At the end of October, this team will be traveling to Arizona for the MSBL (Men's Senior Baseball League) World Series and in November to Florida for a four day tournament.

Mitch Angelier is the player/manager of this team.  He is a baseball guru; a former minor league pitcher in the Tiger's organization who played AA ball with Jim Leyland.  Drew Lanzetta is a great pitcher with a fastball, curve and knuckle change.  He is a 5 tool player.  Bernie Ellison is the 2nd baseman, lead off hitter and leads the team in OBP, and steals..  Pete Faulisi plays center field, catcher and pitcher: and has a great arm.   He's a southpaw, so a bit eccentric.  Angelo Luparello is a righty, and unique in his own way.  He is a pitcher with a nasty sinker and hits for power.

I played ball with them all summer on a different team, but am not making this road trip with them.   I need to work on my swing and rehabilitate my right shoulder.  Hopefully, by next summer I'll have a starting spot in the lineup.  And next Fall be on my way to Arizona and Florida.


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