Monday, March 1, 2010

Jerry Mejia Is Not Ready For The Show

It's very annoying when fans get so excited about Jerry Mejia and the possibility of him pitching in the major leagues this season.  It doesn't matter how well he pitches this spring.  He will undoubtedly be sent to AA Binghamton to start the season.

Jerry Manuel is apparently intrigued by Mejia and has said that he wouldn't object to him making the team as a set up man.  Firstly, I have a problem with the word "intrigued".  I'm tired of that word being used by so many Mets bloggers.  Find a different word, please.  Secondly, while Mejia pitched well last season at A St. Lucie, he pitched poorly in AA Binghamton and again this winter in the Arizona Fall League.  Mejia is no where close to being major league ready.  Rushing him is not the issue.  Living in a fantasy world is the issue.  I think that Mets fans are so desperate for good news that they overreact to any positive occurrence by one of their prospects.

Like I said, he will surely begin 2010 as a starter in AA Binghamton.  Let's see how he does there before Mets fans start jumping through hoops.

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