Friday, March 5, 2010

Mets Hold Their Breath Again On Jose Reyes

By now this is old news.  But I know that many of my followers don't know that the world revolves around the Mets and that every blog and media outlet has already reported on this.  Still I have my thoughts and here they are.

Mets fans are paranoid and do not do well when circumstances beyond their control go south.  But I thrive on Mets adversity.  It's interesting that in the rest of my life I prefer to shy away from adversity.  Nobody wants trouble in their family or among their friends.  Or at work.  When adversity strikes I tend to withdraw to the couch.  TV reruns are a great escape.  Currently, "The Office" is tops on my list.

I didn't mean to digress.  Back to baseball.  When adversity strikes the Mets, I get excited.  I want them to win regardless of the situation.  But I dream about them coming through against all odds.  I love the underdog.  That's why I want them to win with a young, home grown team.

I know that the vast majority of Mets fans disagree with me and probably think I'm crazy. (I'm being kind to myself.)  They all want to win at any cost.    A $200M payroll.  All the $20M/year players. Copycat the Yankees.   I want to win it all a different way.  I don't want to trade the farm for Adrian Gonzalez.  I want Daniel Murphy, Ike Davis, Fernando Martinez, and Jerry Mejia to be the mainstays of a championship caliber team.  Then a top free agent here and there along with some mid-level free agents would hopefully catapult the team a World  Championship.

I know that if the past is any indication of the future, there is little reason to be confident about our minor leaguers becoming impact players.  It hasn't happened lately.  But it wasn't that long ago the David Wright and Jose Reyes excited the fans.  I want it to happen again.

Trading one or two top minor leaguers for an existing impact player is still on the right track.  But trading the entire farm for Adrian Gonzalez, which some have proposed, does not excite me. Furthermore, it is a short-sighted and risky move.

I digressed again.  But I guess my initial intention of blogging about Jose Reyes and his potential blood issue was not what I really wanted to do.  Anyway, apparently he is fine and has been cleared to play.

Update on 3/5/10 - Adam Rubin says Reyes will not play again today.  Possible he has some short of thyroid disorder.  Even I am very distressed now.

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