Sunday, March 14, 2010

Oh What A Night

If you are a Mets Merized reader and have gotten to this site that way, I want to tell you that this post has nothing to do with the Mets and has nothing to do with baseball.  Still I hope you stay around and read this post and the others too.

Saturday was quite a night here at the K house.  It started out early in the A.M. when BA, BR and I drove to Columbia University to check out the school for BR.  We sat through the information session and then went on the tour which was in the pouring  rain.  Then we drove home constantly in touch with A who was trying to get to Ft. Lauderdale.  As early as Friday, her Saturday 3:50 flight was canceled.  And she was switched to the 7:00 PM flight.

By mid day Saturday, her flight was delayed until 9:50PM.  One problem was her friend H was coming from DC to meet her and make this flight.  H made it to JFK by noon and would have a 9+ hour layover.  Alana got to the airport at around six and as she was moving through the security line, the flight was canceled.  H's luggage was somewhere either in JFK or Ft. Lauderdale.  It probably won't find her until much later in the week.

I picked them both up at the airport and they stayed here.  As I was leaving to get them at the airport,  I found a tree on my car; a big evergreen tree.  Oh well.  I used our other car without thinking much about the tree.

On other amazing thing was how the sky was lighting up blue and red for minutes at a time.  It looked like there would be a huge transformer blowing that would kill our power like the hundreds of thousands of other people that lost power.  Somehow our lights only went out for two minutes.  I don't understand that.  But then again I don't understand electricity.

Other than that there was the story H told about the flight that arrived during one of the many hours that she was waiting at the gate.  The plane landed and the first person who came off was being wheeled off on a stretcher.  The passengers came off crying and screaming, even the men.  Another friend K was on her way from BWI to New York.  The plane aborted a landing at the last second, then couldn't land anywhere else nearby.  It returned to BWI on a nearly empty tank of gas.

It was a harrowing day for so many people.  Everything is okay with my family.  But others were not so fortunate.  Tragedies and traumas happen all the time but usually they happen to strangers who are just anonymous faces on the news.

Still life goes on.

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