Tuesday, September 22, 2009

the cubs - 101 years and counting

2009 was a totally disappointing year for the cubs.  what went wrong?  oh by the way, what went wrong the last 101 years.  it's been that long since the cubs have won the world series.  the cubs have won 2 world series in their history - in 1907 and 1908.  they also played and lost in 1906, 1910,1918,1929,1932, 1935,1938, and 1945.

their most recent disappointments have been in 2008, 2003, 1984 and not so recently (of course) 1969.
of course 1969 was the year of the "impossible dream" of tom seaver, jerry koosman, al weiss and ron swoboda.  the mets steamrolled the cubs in the final month of the season as the mets won 100 games.  in 1984, in a 3 out of 5 series, the cubs led 2-0 and lost the final 3 games.  they could taste making it to the world series but to no avail.  2003 was a very bitter defeat.  the cubs had won the divisional series and were playing the marlins for the nlcs.  they led the marlins 3 games to 2 and had the final 2 games at the friendly confines of wrigley field.  remember moises alou trying to catch that foul ball down the left field line?  when he was interfered with while reaching into the stands to make a the catch?  the batter followed with the go ahead hit as the marlins went on to win game 6.  then in game 7, kerry wood could not hold a 5-3 lead late in the game.  2008 was disappointing primarily because it marked year 100 in their streak, plus the cubs did have the best record in the n.l..

in 2009 again, expectations and spirits were high in chi-town. last year's team was back but it just wasn't to be.  starting pitching was erratic at best as carlos zambrano has won only 8 games.  relief pitching has been downright bad with carlos marmol, kevin gregg, and aaron heilman (former met great) the main perpetrators. and at the bat, other than derrek lee, the cubs big boppers failed (alfonso soriano was the most glaring).

so met fans, cheer up. we might be 22 games under .500 with the 2nd highest payroll  in baseball.  but if we compare the mets to the cubs instead of the yankees we're pretty good. we can boast 2 world series wins in our 48 year history.  and remember there's always next year.


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