Monday, September 21, 2009

house or the mets

most of you wouldn't even think of watching the mets game tonight. there's gotta be something better to do. monday night football would eventually be on and the yankee game wouldn't start till 10 pm. so i started on the mets game. in the braves first, mcclouth blooped a single, prado grounded a double, there was an rbi grounder, a walk, and a fielders choice for another run. so 2 outs, and one on and pat misch gave up a first pitch 2 run hr to garrett anderson. 4-0 after one. the braves scored 4 more runs in the 2nd and 3 more runs in the 3rd, then didn't have another hit the whole game. final braves 11 mets 3.

i watched the 1st inning, then made a very difficult decision. i changed the channel and watched the season premiere of 'house'. it was the right decision. it was a 2 hour year opening show and it was really a great show. when the show ended last season, house had voluntarily entered a mental institution to cure his drug and other mental and social disorders. the cast of characters in the mental ward were fantastic. and house made his presence known. he was hot and on fire, affecting so many peoples lives in a positive way. you all should really watch this show. i don't have confidence in the rest of the "house" season to keep my interest so going forward it will probably be back to baseball.


  1. and it was a pleasure to spend the evening with you - so nice (read: rare) when something ranks higher than baseball!

  2. you are kidding me. none of the doctors in houses hospital and none of his patients are asian. he is racist and should be cured of this also in his group therapy sessions!