Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the spoilers

someday you'll tell your grandchildren that the mets were reduced to playing "spoiler" after a terrible season.  well it didn't happen in 2009 and hopefully it won't need to be an option for 2010.  not only have the mets had a terribly disappointing season but they haven't even been able to play "spoiler" to the teams vying for the playoffs.

everyone remembers that fateful last day of the 2007 season, september 30th, when the mets faced the marlins at shea.  i was there that day with my baseball mate brandon.  it was the 1st place mets (tied with the phillies) vs. the last place marlins.  the marlins had nothing at stake other than to spoil the mets playoffs hopes.  but still the marlins came to play that day, pounding tom glavine for 7 runs in 1/3 innings of pitching.  fast forward to a year later, the last day of the season, september 28th 2008.  it was again the mets vs. the marlins for the final game at shea!  if the mets could win, they would at least have a playoff game vs. the brewers to determine the wild card winner.  this was a tight game but the marlins prevailed scoring 2 in the 8th inning to win 4-2.

this year, the mets even failed at playing "spoilers". in the month of september to date the mets record is pathetic vs. the contenders and their rivals.
             1 win - 3 losses vs. phillies
             0 wins - 3 losses vs. marlins
             0 wins - 5 losses vs. braves
instead of playing spoiler the mets rolled over and played dead against these and virtually all teams.  often times the mets were out of the game by the 3rd inning.  and citifield with an announced crowd of 38,000 fans was in actuality looking like a morgue.

yes, there are excuses, lots of them.  but that doesn't stop me from feeling embarrassed about this team that is going to lose 95 games this year.  all of my mets shirts have stayed in my closet most of the season.  i just haven't wanted to go outside wearing them.  

coming soon -  "2009: what went wrong/what went right"



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  2. i cannot believe that i am watching mets classics from 1969 world series. where are the rod gaspars, gary gentrys, tommy agees and gil hodgeseseseses today? and man do i miss lindsay nelson. that guy was classic new york elegance in a microphone. i can't believe that i am parroting another follower of yours who posted a comment about his holiday only being about the food. it seems that is how the wilpons and the other shmucks who own the mets feel about baseball. they think we are happy to sit in citifield and eat and eat til we bust. get a message to them - its more than the food and its more than buying some free agents. we deserve scrappiness, guts and fundamental baseball about which i am sure during the offseason you will educate your loyal followers. b t dub - asian players are really hustling for the most part. one more thing - can we resurrect shea stadium? i am distracted by citifield. it is not fun to watch the game there. too much going on that is not baseball. and what is up with all the ebbets field, jackie robinson, brooklyn dodger crap? go back to l.a.with that! one thing i do enjoy are all the free fixins stations. a tip to you cheapstakes - bring a coupla hot dog buns and fill them up with free sauerkraut, onions, jalapenos and wash it down with a tsingtao (the best chinese beer in this town).

  3. careful sm. i don't want to have to censor you. nice thought on too many distractions at citifield, but at least the seats down the lines are facing the infield. my neck strain is almost better. and btw - lindsey nelson, ralph kiner and bob murphy had to be the best team of announcers ever. did you know that nelson, murphy, and kiner announced every game on tv and radio from 1962 through 1978. nelson left after the '78 season. good work, sm.