Wednesday, September 16, 2009

where will they be next year

jose reyes - mets
luis castillo - mets
david wright - mets
carlos beltran - mets
carlos delgado - free agent will sign elsewhere
daniel murphy - mets (starting at 1B)
jeff francoeur - questionable but probably mets
angel pagan - mets
omir santos - likely still a met as platoon/backup catcher
brian schneider - not a met. he will at best sign a minor league deal somewhere
fernando tatis - likely a met. he is still valuable as a bench/role player
jeremy reed - somewhere else on minor league deal
corey sullivan - somewhere else on minor league deal (but it does depend on francoeur and
any other free agent outfielders)
josh thole - likely on mets opening day roster but if so omir santos will likely not be a met
alex cora - hopefully a met (as a role player)
anderson hernandez - only a met if no cora or other infield role player
fernando martinez - aaa buffalo
johan santana - healthy as a met and an ace
mike pelfrey - predict he will at some point be in aaa buffalo
john maine - met starter
ollie perez - predict he will not last in met rotation (he's not going to figure it out)
jon niese - in met starting rotation
bobby parnell - aaa buffalo (as a starter)
lance broadway - forget him
pat misch - gone
nelson figueroa - worth keeping (starter , long man, set up - who knows)
tim redding - might resign for rotation (he has redeemed himself)
k-rod - mets
pedro feliciano - mets
sean green - gone
jj putz - might try to keep as set up guy if he can prove healthy
tobi stoner - aaa buffalo
elmer dessens - gone
ken takahasi - gone
brian stokes - mets ( but can he be consistent)
wilson valdez - gone
nick evans - aaa buffalo
gary sheffield - gone (can you believe how quickly he wore out his welcome here)

i'd really like your comments.


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